Saturday 30 October 2010

You may wish to avoid

I have just moved to a new host.

The reason?

I 'upgraded' my website to a new package on and found that the advertisements/banners did not work anymore.

Easily were, frankly, rubbish in dealing with this. I waited days and days. There were two long phone calls explaining the problem; several emails and - in the end - my own research (and I am an ignoramus on programming and servers) narrowed it down to a likely cause. I won't go into the technical details but the 'solution' eventually proposed was basically to rename all the files extensions on my site. Several thousand of them. Files which had worked perfectly well on their old setup. Files to which lots of people already had links, links which would then be broken. Files which, incidentally, now work fine, migrated to the new host.

I will stop what could turn into a long whinge. The short summary - best avoided, if you want anything remotely resembling support or customer service.


  1. That's a real shame, as Easily used to be very good, particularly on customer service. I'm glad it was eventually sorted though. Do let me know if you experience similar problems in future, as I have a lot of experience in web hosting and development. As a fan of your site, I have a vested interest in keeping it going!

  2. Thanks Catherine. I should note that I have just been promised a refund for the upgrade, which is very fair. However, the number of people who have replied to me from the 'customer support' team, all with different (and not very helpful or pertinent responses) has been frankly astonishing. A refund is good, though, so I'm happy with that - shame about the rest.

  3. Used to use them ages ago when they were the best for domains purchase. But for good techie hosting I've always used Zen. You can quite quickly (usually) get hold of friendly lads with Rochdale accents who'll patiently talk through your technical woe for as long as it takes. Who'd you move to, out of interest?

  4. Thanks for that tip. I was with Easily for eight or nine years, but their recent efforts just took the biscuit. I'm trying fasthosts, who were ok when I had another project for a year. A couple of brief outages this morning, mind; so we'll keep a vague eye on it.