Thursday 28 October 2010

An Evening of Crime .2

Just to say thanks to Kay and everyone at Leatherhead Library for making tonight a very pleasant evening - one of the best 'author events' I've had the privilege of attending. I also got to meet William Sutton and Ian Porter who talked eloquently about their books and writing in general, plus a quick hello to Malcolm of the magnificent Victorian Turkish Baths and a brief chat with The Amateur Casual. This could almost pass for serious Victorian networking, had not Mr. Sutton brought his ukelele, thus guaranteeing that every reader present will remember it as 'that event with the ukelele guy' ... next time I shall bring my cornopean.


  1. May I second that vote of thanks. A most enjoyable evening, and a great pleasure to meet you after knowing your fabulous website for so long. It's good to come away from a discussion like that feeling you've made more sense of it than before.

    The ukelele - sorry about that. Next time perhaps a more authentic number: Sally in Our Alley, or the Cat's Meat Man (or is it the Dog's Meat Man) on cornopean or saxahorn?

  2. No need to apologise - it was a find end to the evening - well played, sir!

  3. It was also fun hearing about the agony of wearing a set of Victorian stays