Sunday 30 December 2007

Episodes in an Obscure Life


Rowe, Richard (1828–1879), was a Wesleyan minister, based for some time in the East End. You can already find his posthumously published Life in the London Streets (aka Picked up in the Streets) on the website but I've now added Episodes in an Obscure Life. The former is the better compilation, but the latter, despite being rather preachy, is an interesting read in places.

Saturday 15 December 2007

Google Me Up!


Google seems to refuse to follow through to index all chapters in Mysteries of London and Sweeney Todd ... it only indexes the first chapter. Possibly it thinks there's something suspicious going on, with all those files with similar names. So, forgive me, I'm going to try to speed the process up by putting some links here, and seeing if it helps ... here's Sweeney Todd ...

Chapter 1 - The Strange Customer at Sweeney

Chapter 2 - The Spectacle Maker's Daughter

Chapter 3 - The Dog and the Hat

Chapter 4 - The Pie-shop in Bell Yard

Chapter 5 - The Meeting in the Temple

Chapter 6 - The Conference, and the Fearful
Narration in the Garden

Chapter 7 - The Barber and the Lapidary

Chapter 8 - The Thieves' Home

Chapter 9 - Johanna at Home, and the

Chapter 10 - The Colonel and His Friend

Chapter 11 - The Stranger at Lovett's

Chapter 12 - The Resolution come to by Johanna

Chapter 13 - Johanna's Interview with Arabella
Wilmot, and the Advice

Chapter 14 - Tobias's Threat, and its

Chapter 15 - The Second Interview between
Johanna and the Colonel in the Temple Gardens

Chapter 16 - The Barber Makes Another Attempt
to Sell the String of Pearls

Chapter 17 - The Great Change in the Prospects
of Sweeney Todd

Chapter 18 - Tobias's Adventures During the
Absence of Sweeney Todd

Chapter 19 - The Strange Odour at St.
Dunstan's Church

Chapter 20 - Sweeney Todd's Proceedings
Consequent upon the Departure of Tobias

Chapter 21 - The Misadventure of Tobias. The

Chapter 22 - The Mad-House Cell

Chapter 23 - The New Cook to Mrs. Lovett's
Gets Tired of his Situation

Chapter 24 - The Night at the Mad-House

Chapter 25 - Mr. Fogg's Story at the Mad-House
to Sweeney Todd

Chapter 26 - Colonel Jeffery Makes Another
Effort to Come at Sweeney Todd's Secret

Chapter 27 - Tobias Makes an Attempt to Escape
from the Mad-House

Chapter 28 - The Mad-House Yard, and Tobias's
New Friend

Chapter 29 - The Consultation of Colonel
Jeffery with the Magistrate

Chapter 30 - Tobias's Escape from Mr. Fogg's

Chapter 31 - The Rapid Journey to London of

Chapter 32 - The Announcement in Sweeney
Todd's Window. Johanna Oakley's Adventure.

Chapter 33 - The Discoveries in the Vaults of
St. Dunstan's

Chapter 34 - Johanna Alone. The
Secret. Mr. Todd's Suspicions. The Mysterious Letter

Chapter 35 - Sweeney Todd Commences Clearing
the Road to Retirement

Chapter 36 - The Last Batch of the Delicious

Chapter 37 - The Prisoner's Plan of Escape
from the Pies

Chapter 38 - Sweeney Todd Shaves a Good
Customer. The Arrest

Chapter 39 - The Conclusion.

and here's Mysteries of London

Title Page


Chapter I - The House in Smithfield

Chapter II - The Mysteries of the Old House

Chapter III - The Trap-Door

Chapter IV - The Two Trees

Chapter V - Eligible Acquaintances

Chapter VI - Mrs. Arlington

Chapter VII - The Boudoir

Chapter VIII - The Conversation

Chapter IX - A City Man. Smithfield Scenes.

Chapter X - The Frail One's Narrative

Chapter XI - "The Servants' Arms"

Chapter XII - Bank Notes

Chapter XIII - The Hell

Chapter XIV - The Station-House

Chapter XV - The Police-Office

Chapter XVI - The Beginning of Misfortunes

Chapter XVII - A Den of Horrors

Chapter XVIII - The Boozing-Ken

Chapter XIX - Morning

Chapter XX - The Villa

Chapter XXI - Atrocity

Chapter XXII - A Woman's Mind

Chapter XXIII - The Old House in Smithfield Again

Chapter XXIV - Circumstantial Evidence

Chapter XXV - The Enchantress

Chapter XXVI - Newgate

Chapter XXVII - The Republican and the Resurrection Man

Chapter XXVIII - The Dungeon

Chapter XXIX - The Black Chamber

Chapter XXX - The 26th of November

Chapter XXXI - Explanations

Chapter XXXII - The Old Bailey

Chapter XXXIII - Another Day at the Old Bailey

Chapter XXXIV - The Lesson Interrupted

Chapter XXXV - Whitecross-street Prison

Chapter XXXVI - The Execution

Chapter XXXVII - The Lapse of Two Years

Chapter XXXVIII - The Visit

Chapter XXXIX - The Dream

Chapter XL - The Speculation. - An Unwelcome Meeting

Chapter XLI - Mr. Greenwood

Chapter XLII - The Dark House

Chapter XLIII - The Mummy

Chapter XLIV - The Body-Snatchers

Chapter XLV - The Fruitless Search

Chapter XLVI - Richard and Isabella

Chapter XLVII - Eliza Sydney

Chapter XLVIII - Mr. Greenwood's Visitors

Chapter XLIX - The Document

Chapter L - The Drugged Wine-Glass

Chapter LI - Diana and Eliza

Chapter LII - The Bed of Sickness

Chapter LIII - Accusations and Explanations

Chapter LIV - The Banker

Chapter LV - Miserimma!!!

Chapter LVI - The Road to Ruin

Chapter LVII - The Last Resource

Chapter LVIII - New Year's Day

Chapter LIX - The Royal Lovers

Chapter LX - Revelations

Chapter LXI - The "Boozing Ken" Once More

Chapter LXII - The Resurrection Man's History

Chapter LXIII - The Plot

Chapter LXIV - The Counterplot

Chapter LXV - The Wrongs and Crimes of the Poor

Chapter LXVI - The Result of Markham's Enterprise

Chapter LXVII - Scenes in Fashionable Life

Chapter LXVIII - The Election

Chapter LXIX - The "Whippers-In."

Chapter LXX - The Image, The Picture, and The Statue

Chapter LXXI - The House of Commons

Chapter LXXII - The Black Chamber Again

Chapter LXXIII - Captain Dapper and Sir Cherry Bounce

Chapter LXXIV - The Meeting

Chapter LXXV - The Crisis

Chapter LXXVI - Count Alteroni's Fifteen Thousand Pounds

Chapter LXXVII - A Woman's Secret

Chapter LXXVIII - Marian

Chapter LXXIX - The Bill. - A Father.

Chapter LXXX - The Revelation

Chapter LXXXI - The Mysterious Instructions

Chapter LXXXII - The Medical Man

Chapter LXXXIII - The Black Chamber Again

Chapter LXXXIV - The Second Examination - Count Alteroni.

Chapter LXXXV - A Friend in Need

Chapter LXXXVI - The Old Hag

Chapter LXXXVII - The Professor of Mesmerism

Chapter LXXXVIII - The Figurante

Chapter LXXXIX - The Mysterious Letter

Chapter XC - Markham's Occupations

Chapter XCI - The Tragedy

Chapter XCII - The Italian Valet

Chapter XCIII - News from Castelcicala

Chapter XCIV - The Home Office

Chapter XCV - The Forger and the Adulteress

Chapter XCVI - The Member of Parliament's Levee

Chapter XCVII - Another New Year's Day

Chapter XCVIII - Dark Plots and Schemes

Chapter XCIX - The Buffer's History

Chapter C - The Mysteries of the Ground-Floor Rooms

Chapter CI - The Widow

Chapter CII - The Reverend Visitor

Chapter CIII - Hopes and Fears

Chapter CIV - Female Courage

Chapter CV - The Combat

Chapter CVI - The Grave-Digger

Chapter CVII - A Discovery

Chapter CVIII - The Exhumation

Chapter CIX - The Stock-Broker

Chapter CX - The Effects of a Trance

Chapter CXI - A Scene at Mr. Chichester's House

Chapter CXII - Viola

Chapter CXIII - The Lovers

Chapter CXIV - The Contents of the Packet

Chapter CXV - The Treasure. - A New Idea

Chapter CXVI - The Rattlesnake's History

Chapter CXVII - The Rattlesnake

Chapter CXVIII - The Two Maidens

Chapter CXIX - Poor Ellen!

Chapter CXX - The Father and Daughter

Chapter CXXI - His Child!

Chapter CXXII - A Change of Fortune

Chapter CXXIII - Aristocratic Morals

Chapter CXXIV - The Intrigues of a Demirep

Chapter CXXV - The Reconciliation

Chapter CXXVI - The Rector of Saint David's

Chapter CXXVII - Blandishments

Chapter CXXVIII - Temptation

Chapter CXXIX - The Fall

Friday 7 December 2007

Sweeney Todd

Johnny Depp Sweeney ToddSWEENEY TODD

I've recently seen a preview of Tim Burton's new version of Sweeney Todd, the Sondheim musical. Great performances all round ... not as over-the-top as I feared.

Anyway, the reason for an invitation to the preview (apart all my showbiz connections, of course - as if!) is that I'm writing a piece on the historicity of Todd (once assumed to have been based on a real event, now widely believed to be entirely fictional).

The story has had many manifestations, but it seems without doubt that the first version is the 1846/47 penny dreadful entitled 'The String of Pearls', in which the murderous barber is the chief villian.

In the spirit of web generosity on which is run, I've uploaded the entire penny dreadful here ... enjoy!