Tuesday 5 October 2010

R.D.Blumenfeld and the Lost Bustle

Friday, June 24th, 1887

After lunch I went for a walk with Sir John Puleston, M.P., in St. James's Park, which is a most fascinating place. In front of us near Birdcage Walk, about twenty yards away, was a young woman most fashionably dressed. She was leading one of those silly clipped black poodles, and was mincing her way along when suddenly and most appropriately in Birdcage Walk her bustle, shaped like a bird-cage, came rattling down from out of her voluminous skirts. She never deigned to turn, but walked on. Innocently - and stupidly - in spite of Sir John's restraining hand, I ran on, picked up the contraption, came upon the owner, and proffered it to her, but she turned on me furiously and said: "Not mine!" and walked on. I shall know better next time.


  1. LOL!
    Can just imagine this scene,

  2. Excellent, modern day writers simply cannot touch the level prose displayed by our Victorian ancestors.

    From the most mundane diary entry to the work of masters such as Tennyson and Dickens, writing was a real craft then!

    These days school pupils are allowed to hand in mis-spelled essays without losing marks - I despair!