Tuesday 2 November 2010


Here's a list from Judy (a rival to Punch) of 1872, detailing the annoyances to which one might be subjected on public transport:


JUDY grieves to say that her notice has been frequently called, of late, to certain cads, to be met with on most railways, especially on the Metropolitan. She may thus classify them:-
1. The cad who whistles or hums obtrusively
2. The cad who makes a horrid noise with his heel or stick, probably to convey the idea that he's of a musical turn. JUDY, who travels much herself, and knows the miscreant but too well, hopes he will take some other way of expressing himself.
3. The cad who spits. This is a very low specimen.
4. The cad who talks noisily to his friend, to the intense exasperation of all in the carriage. This is often a foreigner, who doesn't know better; but JUDY is ashamed, sometimes, to hear an Englishman so offend. The best excuse she can make for him is, that the train probably started before he could reach the third class. She trusts this warning may prove sufficient.
5. The cad who smokes where such proceeding is sure to annoy passengers, either at the time, or after he or his nasty cigar has gone out. This person generally uses very cheap tobacco.
6. The cad who wipes his dirty feet on the opposite cushion, and so leaves it. This is a cad one often sees.
7. The cad who writes on the window with a diamond, or some cheap imitation of the same. A very dirty trick!
8. The cad who cuts the cushions or straps, or otherwise injures the fittings of the carriage. JUDY hopes to see him caught oftener. Any one may kick him.


  1. I have just informed my husband that he is a cad, owing to his instance on humming mindlessly in public places. he is not impressed...

  2. At least, then, he does not spit? I am reminded of the Victorian maxim,

    "Gentlemen who expectorate cannot expect to rate as gentlemen."