Tuesday 30 January 2007

Maps in Print

Reynolds Map, 1895 MAPS IN PRINT

A reader inquires whether I can supply a print copy of the 1895 Reynolds Map of London. The short answer is no; but anyone on the look-out for print maps of Victorian London should try
1. www.abebooks.com ... search under "London" and "Map" or "atlas" in the title and limit years ... this will find lots of Victorian London street maps (often rather expensive, as some are collectors items)
2. www.motco.com sell print reproductions of sections of the incredible 1862 Stanford map.
3. The LSE Archive sell print reproductions of sections of the 1898-9 Booth Poverty Maps.
4. An extensive 1888 Bacon map has been reprinted in book form.
5. www.oldhousebooks.co.uk also sell a reprint of an 1840s map, and Baedecker guides from the end of the century.
I'd be interested to know of other reprints, if anyone has come across them.


  1. Good afternoon, Mr Jackson -

    I have the Baedecker reprint of London and Its Environs 1900. There is a fold-out map in the front of the book which I've found to be fairly well detailed. The back also contains more maps of London broken down into sections. These are extensively detailed, but difficult to read without the aid of a magnifying glass. Of course, the book itself is an invaluable resource which I can't recommend highly enough. Alas, the Old House reprint of Dickens' Dictionary of London 1888 has no maps, but is entertaining all the same. BTW, I adore your Victorian London site, and recently purchased A Metropolitan Murder.

    Nene Adams

  2. Thanks for the comment ... and I hope you enjoy the book!

    best wishes,