Sunday 21 January 2007

Dumb Edwardians?

Diary of a Nobody - The LaurelsDUMB EDWARDIANS?

Do I object to 'dumbing-down' in arts broadcasting? I don't know ... broadcasters' interest in all things Victorian has now trickled down to the Edwardian era in BBC4's forthcoming season of very loosely connected programmes. The good news is a new adaptation of The Diary of a Nobody (yes, people have already pointed out its not Edwardian). The bad news includes titles such as Edwardian SuperSize Me. Hopefully better than it sounds.

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  1. My dear sir, congratulations on your new blog! I have bookmarked it and will be a regular visitor, as I have been to your main site. I have several of your books and enjoy them immensely; has been immeasurably helpful to me in researching my own Victorian-era mysteries. So glad to see that you've joined the blogging crowd!