Saturday 4 September 2010

Victorian Slang Primer No.4 -

My Gropus Clinics Copper

Some classic criminal slang from The Mysteries of London (c.1845):

    Lip us a chant. Sing us a song.
    Mum your dubber. Keep your mouth shut.
    My gropus clinics coppers. My pocket has got money in it.
    Fake the rubber. Stand treat this time.
    Noggin of lightning. Quartern of gin.
    Slacken your glib. Loosen your tongue.
    Cease napping the bib. Leave off whining.
    Precious-rum squeeze at the Spell. Good evening's work at the theatre.
    Yokel. Countryman.
    Forks. Finger.
    Rum-Tom-Pat. Clergyman.
    Kickseys. Breeehcs.
    Twitch. Silk net purse.
    Glims. Spectacles.
    Snitch. Nose.
    Hock-dockeys. Shoes.
    Gam-cases. Stockings.
    Parish prig. Parson.
    Nib-cove. Gentleman,
    Chanting the play. Explaining the tricks and manœuvres of thieves.
    Shov'd my trunk Moved off.
    Gay-tyke-boy. Dog-fancier.
    Chirp. Give information.
    Spelt in the leer. Advertised in the newspaper.
    Leg-glazier. A thief who carries the apparatus of a glazier, and calls at houses when he knows the master and mistress are out, telling the servant that he has been sent to clean and mend the windows. By these means he obtains admission, and plunders the house of any thing which he can conveniently carry off.
    Fedger. Glazier's frame.
    Squibs. Paint brushes
    Nibsomest cribs. Best houses.
    Blue-bottles. Police.
    Flue-flaker. Chimney-sweeper.
    Slavey. Female servant.
    Flag. Fourpenny-piece.
    Fly the blue-pigeon. Cut the lead off the roof.
    Bank the rag. Make some money.
    Mabber. Cab-driver.
    Dose the swell fred. Inveigle the fare into a public-house and hocus him.
    Vamper. A fellow who frequents public-houses, where he picks a quarrel with any person he has got a ring or a watch about him, his object being to lead the person into a pugilistic encounter, so as to afford the vamper's confederate, or pal, the opportunity of robbing him.
    Mill for a ned. Fight for a sovereign.
    Gams. Legs.
    Ticker. Watch.
    Flamms. Rings.
    Swell-street. The West End.
    Mounseer-fak'd calp. A hat of French manufacture.
    Strummel. Hair.
    Heater-cases. Wellington boots.
    Lully. Shirt.
    Upper ben. Coat.
    Rain-napper. Umbrella.
    Gold-headed dick. Riding-whip.
    River-tick. Tradesmen's books.
    Box of the stone-jug. Cell in Newgate.
    Hobbled. Committed for trial.
    Macing. Swindling.

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