Friday 3 September 2010


This drug treats an impressive range of ailments ... [advert c. 1908]

Well, chlorodyne was actually quite effective (unlike quack remedies promising similar results) and for a reason - see Wikipedia for its ingredients - opium, cannabis and chloroform. I think that would make me feel better, too.

Click here to see how it was sold to the public ...


  1. No wonder my elderly auntie remembers this stuff fondly!

  2. You may have seen the recent BBC documentary The Victorian Pharmacy. If not, then if it is at all possible to get hold of it, it is worth seeing.

    The programme traced the evolution of the pharmacy during the Victorian period and tried to make and test some of the remedies. In many cases, however, ingredients used at the time would not be permitted today and alternatives had to be found, somewhat compromising the value of the experiments.

  3. I have to say that I watched that programme for a few minutes, but didn't take to it - not least for that reason.