Thursday 9 August 2012

A Petition

To Vestry of St. George Hanover Sq., November 3rd 1857

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Grosvenor St. West and the vicinity against the proposed erection of a public urinal opposite Her Majesty's private entrance to Buckingham Palace.

Humbly herewith the petitioners view with considerable alarm and strong feelings of disgust the proposed erection for the following reasons:

Firstly, The position is unsuitable and ill chosen. 

Secondly, It is not required by the cabmen there being a closet at each Public House at either end of the cab rank there never being more than 12 cabs on the rank.

Thirdly There are several milliner's establishments overlooking the spot and on account of the young ladies employed it would be open to great objection.

Fourthly, Being in the direct road of Her Majesty and the Inhabitants of Belgravia it woud certainly cause a diversion of the traffic to the detriment of many of your petitioners.

Fifthly: The Class for whose accommodation it is designed not having very refined notions of public decency continual annoyance to residents would be an inevitable result.

And for many other and solid reasons which your petitioners could explain personally if permitted they pray that they may be spared the infliction.

Yours, etc.

[followed by about 150 signatories]

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