Thursday 15 September 2011

A Wild Boar, or possibly Furious

ACCIDENT. - On Thursday afternoon, a little boy, eight years of age, the son of a person named Bateman, of Holywell-lane, Shoreditch, was attacked and wounded by a boar kept on the premises of Mr. Little, the dust-contractor of Shoreditch parish. The boar had long had the exclusive range of the dust-heaps and grew to an enormous size. The boys in the neighbourhood were in the habit of teazing him; and on Thursday evening, the little boy in question being at play on the same dust-heap with the boar, the ferocious animal knocked him down, and inflicted a terrible wound in the child's thigh with his tusks. - The boar, as if conscious of the wrong he had committed, immediately retreated from the yard, and concealed himself on some other premises. But a number of men, armed with pickazes, shovels, &c. went in pursuit and the animal's place of retreat being discovered, a general attack upon him commenced, and terminated in his death. The child is recovering.

Morning Chronicle, Dec 30, 1826