Sunday 11 September 2011

Unlikely Traffic Accidents

MARYLEBONE OFFICE —Yesterday Joseph Jessopp, a carman in the employ of Mr. Dark, a dust contractor, was charged with improperly flogging his horse, which caused the animal to jump nearly through the carriage of Sir Archer Croft, of Acton, which happened to be passing at the time.
     It appeared from the evidence of Thomas Wise,the footman, that on Saturday last the carriage, containing Lady Croft and other females, was proceeding along Oxford-street, when on arriving near Gilbert-street, they came up with the prisoner, who was driving his master's dust cart, when, just as they were passing, the prisoner gave the horse so severe a lash with the whip that the animal sprang violently forward, thrusting his head completely through the window into the carriage, smashing the glass, the fragments of which severely lacerated Lady Croft's face, and caused the greatest alarm and confusion. The damage done amounted to 2l. 9s.
    A female named Blake, who happened to be passing, having given corroborative evidence, the prisoner, who said he could not help it, was fined for his misconduct, and ordered to make good the damage done; in default he was locked up.

Times, 1838

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