Thursday 19 August 2010

London History

Just an idea ... but creating was a lot of fun and I just wondered ...

Would anyone be interested an creating an issue of a web magazine about London / London History with me?

Not articles culled from the past (as above) but original content, about particular London-related topics, probably with a historical slant.

There are lots of great London bloggers out there, and it always occurs to me that a central location where people could read stuff about different periods of London life, or obscure aspects of London, would be a good idea. It would work, I think, if a dozen talented people got involved ...

I'd be happy to design the look of it; do basic editing; and write the odd thing, if anyone else was interested? I'm aware that there are lots of individual blogs covering London and its quirks; but how about combining our interests?

Of course, no remuneration; and no ads. Just for fun and kudos ... ?

If anyone likes the idea, email me on ...


Some great people interested (no, I'm not just saying that) ... if you know your London history, please consider getting in touch ... especially if you have an existing history blog ... would be great to get people reading and heading off in different directions ...!


  1. Great idea,

    If even half of the 90 followers of this site contribute some sort of piece then it will be great. There's so much that could be done...

  2. I'd be up for this. But, er, I might not be any good. Anything I did would come with the caveat it'd probably need editing and such. Also, I'm just a London enthusiast, so have no, er proper experience.

    Wow. REALLY selling myself up, here...

  3. I have to say, it's not the best pitch I've ever heard :-) ... will keep you posted ... anything decent will be considered!


  4. I'd be happy to do something on Roman London.

    Best wishes,


  5. Many thanks, Mark! I'll keep you posted if we reach critical mass of possible writers ... fingers crossed.

    best wishes,