Sunday 15 August 2010

The London Aggregate

A new London newspaper for you ... well, no, not really ... I thought I'd put some of's site content in newspaper format, to allow people to 'sample' the site in a user-friendly format ... hope you enjoy it ...

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  1. Lee,

    Brilliant idea, breaking the site down into little bite-sized chunks - and nice to see a bit of Greenwood here in the shape of "Master Jonathan Maxsey", his manner really embodies the English Gent to me - even when somewhat perplexed or perturbed the stiff-upper-lip and humour remain.

    Also, the wonderful letters to The Times, specifically "COWARDLY INSULTS TO LADIES" are utterly brilliant. It's such a shame that nobody writes or speaks like this anymore. Our language in all forms seems to be like stones on a beach - gradually having it's edges smoothed away by the tide until it goes from something hard and angular to something smooth and easy - much like the "evening Standard" men, who, I'm sure once would have called out "get your standard" but which over the years changed, and ended up as what we now hear; "staaaaaaanad"

    Our language will only get worse I expect, as we get lazier and lazier, and as teachers continue to accept badly spelled work from pupils "as long as I understand what he MEANT, it doesn't matter that it's not spelled correctly."

    Within ten years, "text speak" will be considered acceptible on school essays - mark my words!

    Anyway, rant over - Love "The London Aggregate"

    All the best