Wednesday 6 May 2009

Home Improvements


Did you think TV shows like 'Changing Rooms' et al. invented the popular interior design advice format?

Think again and refer to the wisdom of Mrs. Talbot Coke (surely a pseudonym? if not, it is too Victorian a name for words!) in the pages of Hearth and Home. Victorian women's magazines are endlessly fascinating ... here is just a snippet of Mrs. Coke's sage advice ...

Addendum ... Mrs. Talbot Coke was the name, as a reader informs me below ... see this link.


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  2. I believe her full name was Charlotte Talbot Coke. There is a picture of her taken 1888 in the book "Household Gods" by Deborah Cohen (available to view as preview on Google Books). :)

  3. Many thanks! I have amended the post and linked to Google Books!

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