Saturday 11 December 2010

All Fat People Can be Cured!

A blunt advert from the Strand magazine, 1896. Note the first endorsement: "Gentlemen - I have had some boxes of your Tablets for my wife and she has derived great benefit from them." Ah, that's old-fashioned chivalry, no?


  1. Which just goes to show that in Victorian times as much as in our own, there were (and are) people ready to be deluded by their own wishful thinking.

    Such people are the bread and butter of charlatans selling snake oil.

    I suspect the gentleman in the first advertisement was more concerned about the embarrassment of being seen with a corpulent wife than about her health and well-being.

  2. This is funny. Well, I believe that fat people contribute joy to many of us. Like in some funny websites where you can look at their photos. Aside from being cute, they do know how to bring their own self without hesitations and divert the insecurities into just plain humor.