Monday 15 June 2015

Naked Slum Dancing

More on dubious slum dancing ...

‘There are dances at some of these lodging-houses, especially on Sunday evenings, at which a fiddler ordinarily attends. One penny is charged for each dance to each person. The dancing is continued till late at night. These dances are often scenes of great evil. Boys entice girls to dance with them, and afterwards to sleep with them. One missionary knocked in the middle of the day at the door of one of the rooms of these lodging-houses. A voice from within directed him to enter, when he saw two young men and two young women dancing together, all in a state of entire nudity, a fiddler playing to them in another part of the room, while they dance. He immediately insisted on the women’s dressing themselves, and he retired; and while he did so, the men escaped.’

London City Mission Magazine, 1845 p.176

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