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A Caution to prevent Foot-pad Robberies during the Summer Season

A Caution to prevent Foot-pad Robberies during the Summer Season.

Whereas nothwithstanding the Number of Foot-pads who have lately been Apprehended, some of whom are already brought to Justice; Outrages of this Kind still continue to be committed in the Fields, and different Avenues to London, and 'tis feared that Robberies of this Sort will be frequent during the Summer (when Persons as well from Business as Pleasure are apt to be out late in the Evenings) except a Patrole, raised and kept up by Subscription, becomes general from all the Villages round this Metropolis, the Utility of which the Patrole lately fixed in St. George's Fields sufficiently evinces: It is therefore recommended that Patroles be fixed from the following Places, viz. from Kensington to Hyde Park Corner, which, at present, is only provided in the Winter Season; from Paddington to Islington, from Kentish Town to Southampton-row, Islington to furnish one from Sir John Oldcastle's along the New Road to Doghouse-Barr, Bow to Whitechapel; and Stepney to furnish one to patrole in Stepney Fields, and the New Road leading from the London Foundery to the Turnpike, the end of Cannon Street St. George's; and if this Plan be found imperfect, it is submitted to the Gentlemen and other Inhabitants in the above Neighbourhoods, to correct as they shall seem meet: But Experience shews, that unless a Plan of this Kind be immediately put Execution, it will be absolutely unsafe for Persons to pass and repass  near Town, on their lawful Occasions, especially for a Time, till the Men discharged from the Army and Navy are turned to the former employments.       J. Fielding

Public Advertiser 24 May 1763

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