Friday 30 November 2012

Law and Profit

THE GALLERIES AT THE CENTRAL CRIMINAL COURT. The person who has hithero rented the galleries from the Sheriffs at the rate of £21 per session, refused, at the last session, to continue to pay that sum any longer, alledging that it exceeded the receipts. The Sheriffs took the opportunity thus offered in making new regulations, which came into operation on Monday last, and now a uniform charge of 1s. each for admission is established. They have been occasions when half a guinea, and even a guinea, has been demanded. The receipts in the Old Court gallery on Monday amounted to 2s.; in the New Court gallery to 9s.; the Old Court gallery on Tuesday yielded 18s.; and on Thursday £2 10s. The money-takers receive 7s. a day.

Illustrated London News, 6 January 1849

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