Thursday 20 September 2012

She wished to go to sea.

MANSION HOUSE. On Saturday a young girl, only 20 years of age, and whose sex for some time could not be easily ascertained on account of her being dressed in men's cloaths, was charged by the Overseers of the Poor of Bishopsgate parish, with stealing from a pauper in their workhouse a seven-shilling piece and thirteen shillings in silver. The prisoner hasd been taken up some time ago for being a common prostitute, was sent to Bridewell and passed to the above workhouse. On committing the robbery in question, she ran way from the workhouse, threw off her female dress, cut off her hair, and put on male attire. The man who had been robbed of the money being very ill could not attend.
The LORD MAYOR committed the prisoner to Bridewell for one month. She heard her sentence with the utmost calmness and indifference and said she wished to go to sea.

Times, 10 October 1803

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