Sunday 29 July 2012

Look To Your Children



December 1859

THERE is a great deal of Smallpox about St. Giles's at present, and people are dying from it every week. This comes of their not being thoroughly Vaccinated. Only half the population is rightly protected in this way. If every body were properly vaccinated, there would be very little smallpox or none at all, and if people did catch it, they would he almost sure to get well, without any scars on their faces.
    A person who has not been vaccinated, or if he have no mark of vaccination on his arm, is extremely likely now-a-days to catch smallpox and to have it badly. You cannot tell how soon such a person may be attacked.
    A person with one or two marks on his arm is not so safe from smallpox as if he had three or four; and if the marks are faint and difficult to find, such a person also is very likely to get the complaint at the present time.
    Look to your own Arms and your Children's Arms, and remember that it is in your own power, and that it is your own duty, to preserve yourselves and them from the terrible disease of smallpox. You are earnestly recommended to have all your children Vaccinated again, unless they have three or four vaccination marks, plain and easy to see. Do not trust to one or two marks, nor to any number of faint ones; let your children be vaccinated again. It will only cause a little redness and itching of the arm, and will make them safe against a very fearful disease which might carry them to their graves.
    Vaccination is performed without charge, by Mr. Bennett, Public Vaccinator, at No. 7, Vinegar-yard, Broad-street, St. Giles's, daily, between the hours of 10 and 11 in the morning.
    Or, if preferred, persons may be vaccinated, also without charge, and without any letter of recommendation, at the Bloomsbury Dispensary, 62, Great Russsell-street, at one o'clock every Wednesday and Friday.
    This warning is issued by Dr. Buchanan, Medical Officer of health, who will receive information as to the outbreak of smallpox or other contagious (catching) disease. He will always be ready to point out the best means of preventing the spread of these diseases. Apply to him at the Office of the Board of Works, 199, Holborn, any morning at nine o'clock.

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