Tuesday 20 December 2011

Dreadful Accident


Yesterday morning a person accidentally dropped his watch into the water-closet of the King and Queen public-house, Duke-street, Manchester-square, on which he offered 10s. to any one who would go down after it. A man named James Watkins, a nightman, embraced the offer, and went down, but remaining a longer time than was necessary, another man nammed Challice went down after him, when he continued there the same way; and on calling, no answer being received from their of them, a man named Turner consented to go down to ascertain the cause. A rope was accordingly tied round his body, and he was let down half way, when he called out to pull him up; they did so, and he was in a state of insensibility, and all but dead, and he now remains in a very dangerous condition. The boards were torn up, and the bodies of the other two were taken out quite dead and congealed blood coming from their noses. Mr. DAVIES, Surgeon, of 198, Oxford-street, attended and it appeared that the strong vapour caused by the closeness of the place caused their instant death on being let down. A Coroner's Inquest was held on the bodies. Verdict: "Died by Suffocation"

Morning Post, 14 July 1820

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