Tuesday 26 April 2011


Please help me choose a title for my anthology of Victorian stuff on Kindle (the best stuff from this blog and my site www.victorianlondon.org) ... coming soon ... which of these would you buy?

Choose a title for my Victorian anthology
Jackson's Monster Compendium of Victorian London
Everything You Wanted to Know About Victorian London
(But Were Afraid to Ask)
Daily Life in Victorian London : An Extraordinary Anthology

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  1. As some of us do not use Amazon or any of their products for political reasons, will this be coming out in any other format?

  2. The contents will remain freely available via www.victorianlondon.org if you want to dig through the site (admittedly several thousand pages, ahem). If you'd like a copy of the anthology in another format, I could provide a pdf - or point me in the direction of how to create a file for whatever other format you're thinking about, and I'll give it a go. Lee