Friday 4 June 2010

Victorian Jewellery

Another book to which I am alerted ... this one also includes a related small exhibition at the British Museum. It's called Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria. Here's the brief explanation from the BM:

Gallery 90 temporary display: Jewellery in the age of Queen Victoria
14 May - 15 August 2010
A small display in Gallery 90 (Prints & Drawings) to mark the publication of C. Gere and J. Rudoe Jewellery in the age of Queen Victoria: a mirror to the world. Research for the book has uncovered many unknown images in the Print Room and these will be shown together with related jewellery. The display focuses on three specific aspects of Victorian culture: Victoria & Albert and their taste in jewellery; international exhibitions and the cult of novelty, and lastly, historical styles and national identity. Exhibits range from an astonishing image of Queen Victoria in mourning, a rare depiction in full-face shown with memorial jewels for Prince Albert, to a startling novelty necklace made of hummingbirds’ heads. The display will also reveal some of the book’s new discoveries: a puzzling inscription on a cravat-pin, ‘Not for Joseph’, turned out to be the title of a popular music-hall hit and is shown together with the song-sheet itself. 
For more details, click here.  If you're a friend of this site, I can also pass on a discount offer, valid until 1July - email me in the next week or two.


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