Saturday 28 November 2009



I'm kicking myself that I forgot to mention the British Library's Points of View exhibition on 19th Century photography, which I visited a couple of weeks ago. There's a lot to see here - not so much on London, but it does include Fox Talbot's famous shot of Nelson's Column under construction from the 1840s. There's also a nice blog of the exhibition, including some videos of early photographic methods, in case you fancy trying your hand at the wet collodion process. My first book London Dust deals with early Victorian photography, as it happens ... along with a couple of murders, a pornographer and a music hall star ...


  1. Glad to find someone who has been to the British Library exhibition. My husband and I are having a day out in London next Saturday and this is one of my suggestions for a visit. Sounds like it is worthwhile, esp. as my husband is a construction and photography fanatic! Love the blog - looking forward to visiting more often!


  2. I didn't have enough time to browse, but it is well worth seeing this exhibition. There's a great range of material and it's nicely presented. As it's at the British Library, which is a little off the tourist trail, it's quieter than more central locations, with visitors who are probably more interested in the material. It's also next door to the permanent (I assume) 'Treasures of British Library' exhibition, which contains illuminated manuscripts, ancient religious texts etc. from around the world.


  3. There are times when living the rural idyll is not all it's cracked up to be and being the wrong side of the country for this exhibition is one of them . . .