Sunday 8 March 2009

Object Lessons


An email from out of the blue invites me to join Creative Spaces, a new site which is very web2.0, basically a mixture of facebook, digg, stumbleupon &c. &c. but focusing on the collections of nine museums and galleries. To be honest, it's not for me ... all my efforts are devoted to ... but if you like that sort of thing - or, rather, if you have the time to devote to it - it could become a nice meeting-space for the museum-inclined. I have, however, trawled its search engine for anything interesting and Victorian, and found the following:

- a rather nice 1840s dollhouse (V&A)

- a moustache spoon (V&A)

- a clockwork pig (V&A)

- a stereoscope (V&A)

- a bustle pad (V&A)

- a songsheet satirising the young Oscar Wilde (V&A)

Spot the connection? Yes, you can find a lot of interesting stuff at the V&A ... see!


  1. Hi Lee,
    Glad you found Creative Spaces interesting. It's not just the V&A that has interesting Victorian items - take a look at the National Portrait Gallery's Victorian portraits and caricatures for a start.

  2. Thanks Tom - the site certainly is neatly designed and I wish it every success. Moreover, you're right to point out that there is plenty of Victorian content there ... it's just that I was browsing for obscure and quirky Victorian objects and the V&A seems to have the monopoly. Are other museums likely to join up?