Friday, 2 January 2009

Victorian Links

Queen's Nurse

Happy New Year!

Two interesting sites - 'District Nursing 150' is about the history of the profession (see the timeline here), drawing on the archives of the Queen's Nursing Institute, with more promised later in the year. I like this sort of history site - focused and specific, and bringing out archival material that would otherwise just be gathering dust.

Another site, which I confess I have not got to grips with, is 'A Vision of Britain through Time', created by the University of Portsmouth Department of Geography. It's a 'historical geographical information system' ... it sounds rather grand, has lots of search-y bits, and it's consequently a bit hard to judge the content, not least because a 'Sources' section, promised in the FAQs, proved elusive to this humble reader. If anyone has used it and found it interesting, let me know.

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