Saturday 8 March 2008

Mesmerising Book News

The Mesmerist's Apprentice

Regular readers will know my next novel is The Mesmerist's Apprentice, the second adventure for Sarah Tanner. It starts with a 'horse-meat riot' and - needless to say, via a complicated series of twists and turns - leads our determined heroine into the clutches of a dubious physician, who allegedly achieves his success through the practice of mesmerism. Throw in the re-appearance of her erstwhile lover, Arthur DeSalle, now married, and she's in for a difficult time ... bet you won't guess the ending, either ...

The book is pre-order-able at Amazon and you can read the first chapter here.

No appearances planned as yet, with the exception of the Paris Book Fair, where you'll find me with my French publisher, Editions 10/18, promoting Le Jardins des Derniers Plaisirs ...


  1. Congratulations !
    Do you plan to write other books featuring Decimus Webb as well ?
    I don't know if you remember me : I discovered your books when they were published in France last year ; I let you know about critics I had written on my blog.
    I've just bought Webb's third adventures and I have found out you would be at the Salon du Livre in Paris next week. I may not be able to attend this event and thought you might also use this opportunity to promote your book in Parisian bookshops. If it's the case could you please let me know about it ? Many thanks !

  2. Hi Lou - yes, I remember you and glad you've gone and bought Le Jardin ... hope you enjoy it! I'm afraid I don't think I'll be doing anything else in Paris (well, maybe a little eating and drinking, and sight-seeing, weather permitting), but I haven't had my publisher's schedule yet, so will post that on the blog when I hear from them. As for Decimus Webb, he is on holiday at present, but I wouldn't rule out his return. The book I'm currently writing is a unique story (neither Webb nor Tanner, but still Victorian) and I think one of my best ideas. Unfortunately, at this stage, I can say no more ...! The next French book will be "London Dust", my first novel, due in the Autumn. best wishes, Lee

  3. That's such a pity I may not be able to meet you at last! I must say I've gotten pretty addicted to your Victorian Tales :) Anyway, I hope you'll have a nice stay in Paris. In case you need some tips (restaurants and so on) don't hesitate to contact me by email if I can be of any help. As for promotion, you may be interested in the Village Voice Bookshop. They organize many events and I'm sure you'd like that place ! They have a website in English if you wish to know more about them. Best wishes

  4. Thanks Lou ... I've been to Paris a few times, but this time we have my (almost) two-year-old daughter ... so, if you have any great suggestions for very small children in central Paris, let me know :-)

  5. Hi again ! I've found a few links for your stay but I'm afraid it might be too late.
    This website (in English) deals with activities and places for parents with young children. You'll find many things here I think !
    + two shops dedicated to (old) toys : 4, cour du Commerce Saint-André 75006 Métro : Odéon
    + (34 rue Dauphine, metro station : Odeon)
    PS : there you also have a nice Creperie Saint Germain, 33 rue Saint Andre des Arts (Odeon). It's crowded there but you seldom wait for too long (number 01 43 54 24 41 for bookings)

    I hope this will help you and your family:)
    Have a nice stay!

  6. Just finished The mesmerists...
    and i found it very enjoyable.Was a bit disappointed though that it didnt feature "her majesty" or symes.Tought their affairs with sarah werent quite finished.

    Would also like to find out more of Sarahs past beyond being de salles mistress.Perhaps in a future book?

    Keep up the good work!^^

  7. Glad you enjoyed Mesmerist's ... always nice to know some people are actually reading my books! My plans for the next Sarah Tanner book definitely feature Symes and Her Majesty, and at least one crucial event from her past ... check back with me in 12 months or so ...!

    best wishes,


  8. Well I only happened upon it by accident.It needs some PR!

    Had just finished "Silent in the grave" by Deanna Raybourn and found it overhyped and not very good.(surprising that an author can get signed,when her character is so unbelievable)I like Mrs Tanner because she feels real within her time period..sure a bit unconventional...but believable.

    Better stop ranting now..

    Just wish i had a time machine..(12 months!)Well i suppose writing takes it time.

  9. In fact, I confess, Sarah Tanner's UK future hangs on a publishing knife-edge at present ... however, my books are doing well in France (merci, mes amis!) which makes another ST book more likely, even it's retrospectively published 'on-demand' by me, from the French edition (!). best wishes, Lee (ps. see my other books published as "Lee Jackson"!)

  10. Vive le french!^^ Its too bad to hear..But I hope things picks up.