Wednesday 16 January 2008

Sweeney Todd, Revisited

Sweeney Todd = Johnny Depp SWEENEY TODD, REVISITED

Further to my blog below, my piece on Sweeney Todd has appeared in Time Out this week ... you can read the article here. My research thanks must go to the editor of the OUP edition (Robert L. Mack) for his informative introduction, to the estimable Dick Collins, editor of the Wordsworth edition, likewise, and to Judith Flanders, author, amongst other things, of the marvellous 'Victorian House'.


  1. Hello
    I was just wondering if or when there´ll be an excerpt of "The mesmerists apprentice" up.I cant wait to read this book^^

  2. Glad someone's looking forward to reading it ...!

    Keep watching the blog ... I'll probably put something up in a week or two ... or email me, and I'll email a bit more ...



  3. I really do look forward to it^^
    if its half as good as the first one it wont dissapoint.