Friday 6 April 2007

a most dangerous woman
A Most Dangerous Woman

Publication week for my fifth novel ... The book is called "A Most Dangerous Woman", and introduces Sarah Tanner, a "lady detective" (of sorts) who will appear in an ongoing series, set in 1850s London. For more about the book, see here.


  1. Good luck, sir! It sounds like a very intriguing start.

  2. I will definitely buy it as soon as my exams are over ! I have recently discovered your books in France (10/18 collection) and wrote such an enthusiastic article for each of them that other French bloggers who visit my blog have been reading the first of these books. Thanks for your excellent blog and excellent website. And most of all, thanks for your thrilling stories !

  3. Thanks for getting in touch ... I'm glad the French translations are being read by a few people ... (and I wish I could reply to you in perfect French, but my French teacher at school was a charming man who regaled us with stories of his life and travels, and taught us no French whatsoever) ... the next book to be published in France will be "The Last Pleasure Garden" (the third Decimus Webb book) and then "London Dust", my first novel. That will be next year; then "A Most Dangerous Woman", the year after (!) ... If you read "A Most Dangerous Woman", let me know what you think!

    best wishes,


  4. Thanks for answering my previous comment:)

    I plan to get your other books in English for I think I can't wait to have them translated ! I will let you know what I think when I have read your last novel.

    I don't know whether you understand French enough for reading that but I thought you might like to take a look at the two articles I wrote on your books :

    By the way, the edition chosen for your books in French is a very good one and is very popular among French people (also Anne Perry's or Nick Hornby's editors). I am sure you will have many readers !

    Best wishes