Thursday 2 October 2014

An Application for Shares

A written application for shares, from 1852, resides in the archives of the 1851 Commission for the Great Exhibition. The dates means it was an application intended for the Crystal Palace Company, who were rebuilding the Crystal Palace at Sydenham. Here it is in full;

Paxton with Fox and Henderson
Did raise a spacious Palace
But Vandalism and her son
Condemned it to the gallows;
A deed so rude, so base, so vile,
And cannot be forgiven,
But science art and beauty will
Soon be revenged (by heaven).

Paxton will make a garden and a grove,
Through all the seasons, and where all may rove
Mongst natures fairest flowers, to elevate
The lower classes, and amuse the great.

For Joseph Paxton.

I presume to ask of you to look with a favourable eye upon my letter of application for 25 shares and you will greatly obliged your admirer and a lover of that grand Institution which in my humble opinion will be a boon and a blessing to many thousands born and yet unborn and will amuse, recreate and improve the masses.

I am your obt. sert.

Charles Mott

12 Flask Walk, Hampstead
May 25 1852

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