Friday 9 May 2014

Saucy Songs


THEY were something beyond, the fervent and font
First stage of affection's mood;
Each other they knew something well, it is true -
For months the dear he'd woo'd!
And she wasn't amazed, nor terribly dazed -
When it got to something more -
'Twas as she supposed - when he proposed -
"It had happened," she said, "before!"

And they'd go out walks, have delicious talks -
In the rural pastures green -
And in his ear, she'd whisper "dear!"
"A mug I've sometimes been.
"But I've been hit - so I've learnt a bit -
"Stow the sentimental jaw!
"Your hand, I pray - it may chance to stray-
"It had happened," she said, "before."

But in love, a man does all he can -
His object to soon achieve;
Since the first faux pas of man's good old Pa -
With dainty Mistress Eve!
But she said, "Oh no! thus far you'll go -
"No further - I'll stick to the Law -
"If you forget, the ring - no bet
"It had happened," she said, "before."

And man, being weak, and 'fraid to speak -
To the church she led the lad -
But all too son - in the honeymoon -
He learnt that he'd been had!
When his brother said - "Well! now you're wed -
The fact you don't deplore?"
He answered still, "My fun was nil" -
"It had happened," he said, "before!"

'Saucy Songs', Illustrated Police News, 8 July 1899

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