Friday, 25 March 2011

A Very Big House in the Country

We did the London ideal home yesterday. Today, an example of a purpose-built Victorian country house, by the same architect, Robert Kerr - one for fans of Downton Abbey perhaps. Built in the 1860s for the proprietor of the Times newspaper, here are the plans for Bearwood - now 'Bearwood College' - in Berkshire. Click here for more about the house and a few pictures of the exterior. Click on the images below, to view the property in full ...


  1. Incredible! Would you mind telling me where I can find such examples of Victorian Floorplans? @CamillaShucks

  2. They're actually quite rare on the web, although surely someone or some museum will eventually put a whole heap of them online (perhaps someone already has, and I've missed it!). Anyway, these are from 'The Gentleman's House' by Robert Kerr (the architect in question). Bought it secondhand, expensively. The book is online, but Google skipped the plans when they digitised it.

    Also this
    and this
    have just been recommended to me.

  3. Hurrah for the Muthesius dynasty!