Sunday, 5 April 2009

Found Drowned


The painter G.F.Watts has recently been in the news for his painting 'Hope' which has been cited by Barack Obama as a source of inspiration. Yesterday, I happened to stumble across a Watts exhibition at the Guildhall gallery, and remembered what I know him for - the 'social conscience' work, 'Found Drowned,' depicting the body of a fallen woman (fallen is too true - she has killed herself by throwing herself into the Thames). I'm not a big fan of his art, truth be told, but dedicated fans of Victorian painting should head to the Guildhall ... the exhibition closes on the 26th April.


  1. Agree with you in general about GF Watts - at his most excessive, a bit too richly sentimental even for the period, the simpler his works the better.

    by the way, did try to donate on your Victorian London Dictionary site ( which has given me hours of interest and entertainment combined ) but hit an error message for paypal after clicking the Donate button and could not proceed further... you may want to investiage that as they may be some wellmeaning souls such as myself who would love to help support the site !

  2. Cheers for this - I was also interested to learn that he was briefly married to Ellen Terry.

    Anyway, I think I've fixed the donation bug - a problem with not liking frames in IE - and it should now work for the legion of fans desperate to support the site (ahem, £1 received so far!). Many thanks for letting me know - much appreciated.

  3. What astonishing speed ! Now if only we could drag you out of the nineteenth century and into the 21st where many a technical support crew could do with such efficiency :-P

    Much better. Now you have your 2nd £ and I have the smug satisfaction of being a Patron of the Arts albeit in a very minor way.

  4. Tiens;.. on dirait que j'ai trouvé un blog pour faire des progrès en anglais... :D