Friday 27 February 2009

Calisthenics for Ladies

Calisthenics for LadiesCALISTHENICS FOR LADIES

Yes, my sterling work in digitising Cassells results in, finally, another completed section of this marvellous part-work, where we learn that "helplessness and inactivity are no longer looked upon as feminine virtues" and that "As soon as women experience the benefits of physical education a general desire arises to share in its advantages, among which we may reckon a sense of power of action, an increased cheerfulness, and general vigour". Hurrah for general vigour! I could do with some myself. Interesting for its mention of women's gyms - I didn't know there were such places in the 1880s. Also, rather marvellous for its instructive pictures. Click here to read Calisthenics for Ladies in full.

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